Why Panasonic Rugged Tablets?

Rugged Tablets | Ruggedized TabletsPanasonic provides several Rugged Tablets for both business and personal use. These tablets tend to be able to withstand punishment that can shut down non-rugged tablets, such as drops, spills, and extreme temperatures. While there are several different rugged tablets on the market, Panasonic rugged tablets tend to be much more thoroughly tested and versatile than the competition. Just a few of the benefits from the Panasonic line are outlined below.

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Panasonic Ruggedized Tablets: Low Maintenance

Standard tablets tend to see a significant drop in their productivity when they take a bump or a scratch. By comparison, Panasonic Rugged Tablets allow users to be fearless. These tablets are all specially sealed and treated to endure falls and handle extreme environments. This allows you to do two things when you are using a rugged tablet. First, it gives you a chance to focus on the job at hand without having to worry about what will happen if you drop an expensive product. The less you have to worry, the better and more efficient you will be on the job. Second, it means that you can take your tablet with you wherever you go without worrying about rain, debris, or other factors.

Panasonic Rugged Tablets:High Security

Panasonic rugged tablets aren’t just rugged on the outside – they are also very secure and provide some of the best encryption on the market. A typical ruggedized tablet from Panasonic offers high-encryption data and device security. It has a dedicated security core for data encryption and comes pre-installed with drivers that can be used by smart card readers. The interface uses Android 4.0, which provides easy connectivity with most enterprise-level business and government agencies. Just because a tablet has been ruggedized doesn’t mean that Panasonic is ready to put it on the market just yet. It also has to meet the company’s high standards for performance and security.

Panasonic Rugged Tablets: Flexibility for Different Fields

Panasonic Rugged Tablets can be easily customized to provide a flexible experience for any field of business. In hospitals and medical facilities, they can be loaded with special healthcare software. They can then be used by doctors and patients alike to reduce the amount of paperwork and increase the accuracy of orders. In retail, they can be equipped with a barcode scanner and credit card reader. Because they are so durable, they can be brought onto the floor without fear of a drop or some spilled product splashing on the screen. Even in the military, these tablets have a lot of functionality. In fact, the Toughpad model has been tested in the desert specifically to meet the needs of military users. While there are other ruggedized tablets on the market, only Panasonic Rugged Tablets offer the combination of security, performance, and durability that the brand has become known for. These are consistently among the top-selling ruggedized tablets on the market for a very good reason. Whether you are in retail, emergency services, or any other field that requires a good, durable mobile device, you should give these products a long look.